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Should America be a Christian Nation?

Many of us Christians want to see America become "One Nation Under God." We want our government to have its foundation in Biblical Truth.

Me too, but here's the problem:

Let's say for a moment that we Christians win the 'Spiritual Contest' between Atheism and Christianity, and against all other religions. For those who don't count themselves followers of Jesus Christ, please note that this is not a physical war. It's not violence or controlling other people, at least it's not supposed to be. We're not talking about hurting people, we're talking about hearts turning voluntarily to love Jesus. This, by the way, can't be made to happen by human ingenuity, argument, law, or action. It is entirely up to the individual, without coercion, in the sanctity of their own heart and mind. But I digress.

But let's say we Christians win the cultural conflict. Then we'd have to decide who's "we?" Do we have our basis in Lutheran's brand of Christianity? The Catholic brand? Baptist? Congregational? Free Church?

Most likely, we'd each want the government remade in the image of our own church. Well, not the whole church. Those guys on the left side of the sanctuary during service are kind of weird. So, let's remake the nation in the image of just our family. But uncle Freddy isn't really with the program. And sometimes I wonder about Grandpa. I guess we should just remake the nation in the image of me personally. I seem to be the only one who has it all under control. (it obviously doesn't work, does it? Wasn't that more or less Satan's sin?)

So, if we are seeking to make our nation Christian somehow, we will need to legally force everyone to act like a Christian, which misses the point of New Testament Christianity: Salvation by Grace Through Faith Alone, Free Will, Pre-Destination, and all the other good stuff that brought us to Jesus in the first place.

We'd have to have Christianity boiled down to laws, and that's not what I read in my Bible. If we do force our nation to enact "Christian" laws (could there ever be such a thing?), think about what it would take to cover all the hobby-horses and interpretations of Scripture in everyday life:

To keep the peace, it might be illegal to:
1. Swear
2. Use birth control
3. Drink on Sundays
4. Work on Sundays
5. Work on Saturdays
6. Stop working on the other days
7. Have a second helping of pie
8. Drink at all
9. Forbid others to drink wine
10. Hold a grudge
11. Talk back to your parents
12. Get re-married after divorce
13. Get divorced
14. Wear makeup
15. Go to court
16. Swear on a Bible
17. Ride in anything other than a horse and buggy

We have different "brands" of Christianity, because The Lord, in His Wisdom, wants each of us to find faith communities that fan our faith into flame. The form a church takes is definitely not "one size fits all." And that's OK because we are called to Grace and not the keeping of the law. And so, teachings of the New Testament weren't intended to be our nation's Civil law. The teachings of the New Testament are guidelines that show us how to pursue greater growth in the Salvation and Spirit of God.

The Founders of our nation had the wisdom to set an Agnostic government in motion. It was envisioned to be a nation without an official religion, with room and freedom for all to worship as their conscience dictates. The Government allows that God exists, but has no opinion on the interpretation of that belief.

This also, by the way, means that Atheists are also supported, protected, and kept free by our Agnostic government. It isn't an Atheist government, it doesn't deny God. It simply has no official opinion.

I get that this is not a popular position, but I believe it is the correct viewpoint before God.

Faith and religion are simply invisible to our government. Faith is transparent to our national body of law. Our peculiar brand of government, our Democratic Republic, takes no position on God. That's really a bad idea, but it is better than all the other bad ideas available. Imagine if we spiraled into political battles between different branches of the Christian faith. We've seen that in other nations, and it doesn't end well.


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